I love this country. I mean what better place to be than here! We have faced a lot as a country and this is why i believe my country is the best not only in East Africa but in the whole continent. We have also been through a lot lately that got us at place where we didn’t think we could get out of. But as a God fearing nation, we have conquered all. Despite the political temperatures, I believe that as a country we could reach an amicable solution sooner than later. Kenyans are clever people. And we rare more intelligent than ever. The few evils happening in our societies shouldn’t divide us. We are bigger than that. I believe even as our democracy is growing each and everyday, we are also growing politically, economically and socially against the ethnic divide. Yes, the cost of living is higher, and as a young Kenyan I can feel the effect. But what’s more important? How do we ensure that as a country we remain together and not go back to the dark days of the 2007-2008 PEV? How do we ensure there is national cohesion and maintain our unity? Our leaders, do we back them up when they tell us something that we are very aware it’s gong to divide us? What is our position? Am not going to answer these questions for you but I’ll leave them for you to ponder. As a young Kenyan, I believe we are moving ahead. Despite the biased media reports from both local and international media houses, some day this country is going to be an epitome to other countries both in Africa and globally. Current scandals facing us like corruption, the looming ethnicity and political stalemate are, i believe, temporary issues, especially the latter two.

Let’s preach peace and restrain ourselves from spreading propaganda and hate speech among our communities and especially social media. 

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It was last Saturday morning about 8 am and I was seated in class in a Broadcast Production class. Listening to the lecturer discuss various topics on the course since exams are nearing. Then suddenly, he digressed, into another topic. A break from the class topical issues. Then he posed a question: “What worries you most about the future?” I was taken aback for a while since the question was directed to me and I had to answer honestly. “I am worried about unemployment and the future of campus students”. “Why?” the lecturer asked. “There has been a lot of campus murders being reported across the country by reasons that are seemingly petty”. Not exact words but something similar. As all the other students in my class answered the lecturer about their worries, I pondered into what really is happening in our universities today.

Being a third-year student pursuing Journalism, I will be definitely interested in the current affairs and i can’t help but wonder why students in campus are going on something like a ‘murder spree’. It’s like a whirlwind that sweeps across anyone who can be swayed by emotions to go and do something so brutish as killing someone’s son or daughter. There has been approximately a total of 20 cases of killings of campus students, most of them being passionate crimes. Few of them will be caused by drug abuse, lack of enough hostel rooms, the challenging campus lifestyle or simply gender based violence. Others by peer pressure either from their friends or the social media. But let’s focus on what has majorly done the damage. What happened to love? What happened to self respect? What happened to emotional intelligence among students who are supposed to be knowing better than those who have not been in campus? All these questions have their answers. People do not appreciate the love and do not understand love unless there is an exchange. either of money, sex or stuff. The rise of sponsors and cougars have somehow contributed to it. Youths are being murdered or committing suicides because their partners have cheated. it is so absurd. What happened to walking away when things got sour? Anger control management are all part of emotional intelligence. Being aware of your partner’s emotions. Respecting yourself when you are disrespected, not selling yourself short just because this person is giving you money and stuff, valuing your life because hurt comes and goes, it is all a matter of self control.

Most of those killers have ended up behind up bars regretting their deeds, while the victims’ families grieve for their losses. We don’t have to resolve to killing one another. If a person does not love you, walk out, if you are cheated on, that is disrespect, walk out, if you can’t get over your ex/es walk out and move on. You have no right to take someone else’s son or daughter. Value for life. We need to go back to our grandmothers and grandfathers for insights on what it used to be in the ’90’s, for those that are in love. These murders arising from 2011’s Mercy Keino’s from the University of Nairobi, brutally murdered to Ivy Wangechi recently are unprecedented.

Let’s learn to love ourselves before we learn to love others. These are issues that can easily be solved with a conversation with a friend or a colleague.


Written by Winnie Muthoni, Student at The University of Nairobi.


By Winnie Muthoni.

I like journalism. Talk of reporting, writing stories, editing and all the details that come with it. This is a profession that requires passion; it actually requires someone to fall in love with it to be able to do it perfectly or atleast excellently. It requires dedication; I learnt. For example as a writer, you need to constantly sharpen your skills day by day and to meet the set up deadlines. You must be a constant reader otherwise you will lose taste or even things to write about. Some of the writers especially the magazine and newspaper columnists will tell you that they burn the midnight oil and sleep at the wee hours of the night in order to meet the required deadlines and to make sure their stories have reached the editor in due time. Otherwise you might see the door next morning and lose your only sense of income. Say trouble.

But what about reporters? These people go out there to collect stories that will make big headlines and appear on the front page of every newspaper or television. Most of them will go an extra mile to conquer all odds to bring some limelight to the public, especially the investigative reporters. These people are heroes in my eyes. Those who go out there into some war-torn country that is being salvaged by terror and rebels from an unhappy opposition. Salute to these heroes man. Some will go out there but they won’t come back. Yap, it’s that much of a risk. It’s more interesting to be a reporter especially on the field if you are a adventurer like me. I love collecting or gathering information, joining pieces of information; perhaps i would make a good investigative reporter or a member of one of the fierce investigative teams around the globe, no pun intended. We have heard cases of journalists who have been tortured and even assassinated by people who are probably unhappy about what journalists do. It is so sad that journalists, who are supposed to be friends of the people, have now become the ‘enemy’ because people don’t want truth!

Some of them have been jailed in Exile for some of these reasons. I wonder maybe that’s why we are too afraid to bring the real truth nowadays for fear of being cornered by these malicious human beings who can’t bear ‘news’. Most of us journalists would want to remain safe than sorry. I have been a beneficiary of mentorship programs sponsored by organizations like the United States Embassy and the USAID and I dare to say that, we journalists, have our rights that should be respected, infact am more motivated to come out and face the real world we are living in right now. Special thanks to these organizations. My advice to those aspiring to become journalists in future, watch this space because I will be sharing more on my new experiences of life as a journalist. Afresh, uncovered, prototypical, undisputed, indigenous experiences from myself!!

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Who doesn’t like the good things in life? The good stuff. Some will call it. But some are exaggerated, I could say. We are the age of social media where you are following famous and infamous celebrities who have made it in life. You look upto them and even some want to be like them; exact copy. That’s crazy. Mostly these celebrities have been famous through infamous scandals to get the attention of everyone and ‘break the internet’. We all know them. Some teenager seated at the comfort of his or her parents home is going through pictures and videos of these celebrities garnering over a million likes and he/she is feeling that that is the coolest thing ever and they want to do exactly that! But can we blame them? The answer is NO. These kids have been overly exposed and they have nobody to tell them that what they see on their phone screens and reading through their feeds is not the actual reality.

Let’s not only blame the teenies. Young adults who want to strip their clothes off so they get these ‘likes’ and shady ‘comments’ I don’t know for what, maybe to become ‘famous’ on Instagram and Facebook. What an irony. Let’s face it honey, you don’t have to look like Kim K or Nick Jonas (for the guys) so that you sadly become famous only on Instagram. Go out there do something about your life and become popular with something else, something useful. Post a picture and it doesn’t have to stress you out because you got 15 likes. Not everybody is going to like you. And yeah I hope you don’t post pictures for likes (which most of us do) but to share and live those moments on social media. Everybody is finally going to like you for who you are and not who you are trying to be. Don’t try to look stupid by trying to be someone else. Do you and let everybody get it through their heads that this is you and you, nor anybody can change that. I like the art of authenticity and  who doesn’t want that? Everybody is unique in their own way so let’s agree, post that picture; you look good and let social media be. It is what it is. Not everything is real on those platforms.


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Life begins when a person is born. Well let’s not forget about the real beginning of life when the man and woman mate and  the ovules and sperm come in contact and boom life begins. For  doctors let me talk about the ovulation period and the baby starts forming in the womb and it goes through a lot of processes before birth. Not forgetting the historians about how man evolved from ape like creatures. Actually, we all have different meanings of life and new beginnings or next steps in life.

My topic is about the step in life that one makes to campus. I can take years describing  experiences I have had in campus and I have  been here for only some three and a half months, crazy right? Most of us when we finish high school we tend to fantasize about how campus life is going to be; so…

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Society is slowly swallowing in the reality of the real issue of it all; Black is beautiful. As earlier indicated by Michael Harris Booker T Washington. Whereby we lived in a society where dark skins were ‘demonized’ and deemed ‘ugly’. Even now we still have some elements of humans who think skin lightening to ‘fit in’ to the views of the society is the way to go. Why would you mind these senseless and illiterate sentiments from these ‘hooligans’ who don’t mind to at least ask the benefits of melanin? This is a century-long spoken subject and I have decided to expound and expose the unspoken facing young Africans especially the ladies.

Not long ago, a high street retail chain in Sweden, made a young boy wear a hoodie that was considered ‘racist’. To top it all, these retailers were Africans! It was such a sad state of affairs since celebrities and activists all over the world came out to condemn these discriminatory actions. The supposed ad made me so mad I felt like someone needed some slapping. Fortunately for them, they apologized and they even closed their stores for a while. Despite that, it showed how archaic some humans still are. It is just pathetic. In my beloved country, where light skins are ‘more of a better option’ than the dark skins, the latter are told to ‘toa tint’ which means lighten your skin. This is the lowest level of illiteracy one can reveal to another. I mean these guys who are telling you to toa tint some aren’t even light skinned! Dunia isimame nishuke! We need a fountain of smart. We need an educated bunch of humans who know that skin color doesn’t define you or what you are capable of doing.

Days ago, I happened to face one. A whole circumcised grown man would dare tell me that on a text. It was all games and fun until that line appeared on my phone. I mean can everybody stick to their own lanes? I definitely didn’t give him the privilege of getting comfortable with it because once you give them that privilege, they’ll take advantage of you. Why on earth would one want to compare me with celebrities who have allegedly bleached their skin to look like wazungus or be much fairer? I don’t want to look like Gilad, or Khaligraph Jones or Vera Sidika for that matter. I wanna look like ME. I love my skin color dammit! Someone should get it through their thick heads.

I really am proud of my favorite Kenyan boy band Sauti Sol who made these type of humans know that Melanin skins are just as beautiful and special; and yeah they can even appear in music videos and look good, and not just good, breathtaking. Being dark skinned doesn’t mean there’s something wrong with you; it simply means you are blessed enough to have more melanin that could protect you from diseases like skin cancer. Am proud of my beautiful African skin, and I have NEVER EVER had a crazy thought of lightening my skin just to ‘fit in’ and look like the majority that are favored skin wise.

Excuse me, but I really don’t need that. Some even envy this dark skin. So baby girl, go out there, flaunt it, look beautiful and let nobody tell you some shithole things about your one of a kind skin. Wear it like your armor and nobody will use it against you!


Love is such a beautiful thing; it brings people together, unites souls and even makes us brighter by bringing smiles to our gloomy faces that has been at work all day. Love enhances relationships, i believe it is the basic unit to any relationship to stand. It can be a relationship with family, with friends, among colleagues at work but mostly among two lovers. Love feels like a dream that you don’t want to wake up from. It is easy to notice someone who is in love due to their behaviors; constant smiling at the mention of their lover’s name, shyness and they always want to talk about that person. Yes, am talking from experience. It’s like some sort of therapy that soothes your souls and mingles with your feelings. It’s sad that nowadays people don’t know to differentiate between love and lust. Lust is a whole different feeling which at first feels like love, but actually it’s a physical attraction towards another.

Love is not lust, it’s not money or affection; it’s a feeling. It coexists between two people who want to build a relationship together. There has to be ‘chemistry’ between the two people; others will argue that love is an illusion, that it’s stupidity and it only happened between Romeo and Juliet, I mean come on! I tend to think that they say this out of spite or strife for reasons of going through heartbreaks and ending up bitter after their relationships went sour. I believe in love; genuine love. I’ll say it again and you all know it; some will fake it to get what they want, some wants to buy you for it. My sister, Run. It’s not safe out here, there are predators, who are looking for some innocent ‘newbies’ in this area to savage them and leave them torn apart and ruined. Talk about young love. I mean most of us have had it. some started in their primary schools others started in high school and some actually lasted. Some don’t even last. First loves.

I heard someone say it is better to break a leg than to get heartbroken. That might be true but what actually leads to broken relationships and marriages and this wave of need to date someone with no love in the mix? Why do we need to validate our relationships on social media and even posting pictures for the world to see but in reality you all got issues? What happened to the love of going to some scenic place both of you and having a good time together? What happened to the 1980’s and ’90s R ‘n B that swept you off your feet now it’s hip hop and clubbing? That’s nowadays sort of relationship. Am quite certain that only few relationships nowadays are built to last, what are you doing about yours to make it last?

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     The scriptures  say a woman was formed from a man. It will also say a woman was formed to be a ,”Companion” to the man since he was lonely.

What does that tell you?

Lets focus on this person called “Woman.” This is motivated by various factors playing in our day to day lives as women and the current state of affairs concerning us around the world. A woman is a female: a companion, supporter, a solution. Why? Because ‘man’ could not do alone, therefore, God “saw” that he needed a woman. Meaning a woman should be part and parcel of a man’s life. Someone will try to argue with the the current perception of women being “gold diggers” or even ” objects” or maybe  some would say “non is to be trusted nowadays” but that does not matter now.

I do not want to sound like a feminist, but I feel women should be equally respected. I could not understand why or get a grasp of the logic behind, ‘women are weak beings and just as fragile.’ But I defer with that notion because it’s not only false but also misleading. Then I remember the report days ago about sexual harassment on women in our matatus. How can one tolerate such acts especially the onlookers who are, mostly men? What gives me a relief is the fact that some women came out to condemn these cowardly and devilish acts and stand for justice, because they ought to be stopped. This is why women empowerment groups and associations are created and taking effect all over. That’s one force that has really taken effect and is highly influential. It has proven to be a ‘powerful tool’ in curbing injustices against women and that’s the good thing about it. And that’s the reason you are hearing men complaining that they are being left out and ‘discriminated’ upon; a claim which is half truth. First and foremost, if these men never acted against women by harassing, disrespecting, abusing and all sort of nasty things they do, then they wouldn’t be complaining about ‘boy-child’; even in blogs. I thought men were perceived to be ‘strong’ and ought to be respected? Or rather can get through anything that comes before them. What happened? Do you realize now that women are just as powerful? Women are favor-carriers. Why in the world would you want to mess with favor carriers?

Don’t complain, ’cause you brought it on yourselves. Either they’ve seen it or they’ve experienced the mistreatment. Am not trying to prove that all men are bad or all are demoralized, I believe there are really good men out there which are the majority few and thumbs up. In leadership, am quite impressed that women are being incorporated  just so to ensure equality and shared agendas and ideas across all gender lines.

It doesn’t matter what some leader somewhere in some ‘once powerful nation’ said or did to women,however demeaning or belittling their remarks could be; it’s just not right to exclude women in affairs of the society or worse disrespect or devalue their opinion in important matters facing our societies nowadays.

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So for the past few weeks I’ve been into reading. And I mean continous reading. My zeal and passion for novels just got renewed! Like am so happy the last time I read a novel was ten months ago, and as it is, it’s quite a long time. I’ve realised I know a lot more now about grammar with the more books am reading. Don’t I love reading! No matter what book you’re reading whether the a hundred shillings book you bought from the streets of your town, fictional books, non fictional, or daily magazines, you’ll notice a certain improvement in the way you talk, write and however you carry yourself around social circuses. This actually, is preparing me as an aspiring and ‘up and coming’ journalists in writing, speaking, editing and public speaking skills. Talking of public speaking, I happened to visit the American Embassy centre at Gigiri at their IRC library and I happened to grab a book on the subject of ‘The 6 Principles of Public Speaking’ by Richard Zeoli and it’s such a good read I promise you. For those who’ve got problems or inconversant or even ‘poor’ at giving speeches to an audience, I recommend that book for you, You won’t regret it I promise you.